Here’s What’s Poppin at Del’s

So, since our post last week about getting a start on the re-build process, we’ve seen some BIG improvements. As of now, all of the floor joists and beams throughout the structure are supported, the masons are putting the finishing touches on the brick work, and next week we begin dry ice blasting the brick walls on the main level to try and preserve the original building’s bricks. For those of you that walk by Del’s often, be prepared for some LOUD noise.

PLEASE keep writing on our window graphics, we love seeing all of the people that have came and reading their messages! It is okay to write on the other parts of the graphics like the background popcorn since we are out of room on the actual “message” parts. We really can’t wait to get re-opened and serving all of our loyal customers ASAP!

So, in other news, please keep sending us your ideas for our grand re-opening! We want to please you and get everyone possible involved!!! You can comment here, facebook, or shoot an email to with the subject Attn: Hunter Bailey if you want to volunteer or donate your business.

As always, thanks for reading!