Del’s Has A New Look

If you’ve been downtown or just following the blog here, then you have seen the scaffolding that has been covering the front of Del’s Popcorn Shop the last few months. Today, there is a new view… NO MORE SCAFFOLDING! Although it was helpful to complete a lot of work that needed done, we couldn’t ever get any good photos of the front of the building for things like the new window graphics and even when we found the historic Beer Depot sign and windows, but alas, one can now have a clear view of Del’s.


This means that the dry ice blasting process is now complete. We would really like to thank all of our downtown neighbors and shop owners for their patience during this process due to the amount of dust and noise. Speaking of the dry ice process, here is the photos, as promised of a side-by-side view of the back wall where the fire occurred. The left photo(sorry it’s dark) is of the wall after being blasted and the right is before. As you can see, the fire burn marks are gone for the most part and the red brick color is now back!


The next few days are dedicated to cleaning up the dust and etc. and then after the Decatur Celebration this week, work will begin once again on re-building Del’s! We can not be more excited to get to work again and be re-opened for our delicious CARAMEL APPLE SEASON! We miss making them (and tasting them) just as much as you do!!! So, thank you all for continuing to follow our progress on here and remaining a loyal customer! We couldn’t do this without you!