Ice, Ice, Baby… Del’s Is Getting Cooled Off!

As you all know, the fire on April 2nd of this year has kept the shop closed for the past few months, but this week, all the brick on all 3 floors is getting a nice dry ice blast to salvage the burns and refinish the beautiful 100+ year old wall! Below are some photos of the process. This photo shows a side-by-side comparison of the dry ice process. As you can see here, the left (lighter) side has undergone the dry icing process, and the right side hasn’t


This is a photo of a completely blasted wall.


We started the dry ice blasting process on Tuesday and are hoping to have it done in about 10 days! if you have been downtown, then we’re sure you’ve probably heard all of the noise!

This photo is of the shop lobby and is taken from about the end of the lobby where the fudge slab used to be.


As always, thanks for reading and for following our blog and progress here! We can’t wait to get back open and popping soon!